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religions nebraska city data - religions nebraska s religious history derives from its patterns of immigration german and scandinavian settlers tended to be lutheran irish polish and czech immigrants were mainly roman catholic methodism and other protestant religions were spread by settlers from other midwestern states though, omaha nebraska religion best places to live - religion religion overview 54 39 of the people in omaha nebraska are religious meaning they affiliate with a religion 24 69 are catholic 1 49 are lds 6 18 are another christian faith 0 75 in omaha nebraska are jewish 0 81 are an eastern faith 0 91 affilitates with islam, ne yo religious lyrics genius lyrics - religious lyrics i love lookin at you in the way god intended us i m talkin bout nothin on but a smile and a little bit of sweat from when we made love and you got me singin oooooh, ne yo s religion and political views the hollowverse - the religion and political views of ne yo ne yo whose real name is shaffer chimere smith was born in camden arkansas he grew up there and in las vegas nevada the consensus among question answer sites is that ne yo was born muslim but then converted to christianity during childhood along with his family