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the raga guide survey of 74 hindustani ragas amazon com - my goodness what a comprehensive guide to ragas and it s only really an introduction since there are thousands of ragas after a brief introduction to the form and its elements 12 pages each raga is noted on two facing pages and set out in western notation annotated by srgmpdns as well, poshmaal life is a blog - ragas form the core of indian classical music with their characteristic aaroha ascend and avaroha descend and pakad characteristic pattern each raga is attributed to a particular time of day while there are hundreds of raga permutations some have become more popular than others and form the basis of innumerable hindi songs and ghazals, ragas of northern indian music alain danielou - ragas of northern indian music alain danielou on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the first part of the book traces the history of indian music and the continuity of its theory and practice for more than two thousand years it is based on many years research into the vast ancient sanskrit literature of music these valuable technical treatises, musica classica indiana wikipedia - contiene immagini o altri file su collegamenti esterni en alain dani lou informazioni sul pi noto studioso europeo di musica indiana en sangati center centro comunit sangati per la musica del sud dell asia en the south asian women s forum una collezione di articoli sulla musica classica indiana con spiegazioni e link a estratti audio di registrazioni rare, mohammad rafi versus kishore kumar songs of yore - an era changes with aradhana 1969 when aradhana unfolded in 1969 with the heroine sitting by the window of the hill train tentatively browsing a book and the hero being driven in a jonga by his friend on the hilly road alongside the toy train with an innocent smile a wink in his eyes and the harmonica on his friend s lips singing mere sapno ki rani kab ayegi tu a phenomenon called