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who better environmental management for control of dengue - dengue fever together with associated dengue haemorrhagic fever dhf is the most important vector borne viral disease affecting humans aedes aegypti the urban yellow fever mosquito is also the principal dengue carrying vector, dengue vectors and their spatial distribution - dengue viruses circulate mainly between human and vector mosquitoes and the vector presence is a limiting factor of transmission therefore spatial distribution of dengue vectors is a significant concern in the epidemiology of the disease, entomology ecology dengue cdc - aedes aegypti the principal mosquito vector of dengue viruses is an insect closely associated with humans and their dwellings people not only provide the mosquitoes with blood meals but also water holding containers in and around the home needed to complete their development, who what is dengue - the full life cycle of dengue fever virus involves the role of mosquito as a transmitter or vector and humans as the main victim and source of infection the virus the dengue virus den comprises four distinct serotypes den 1 den 2 den 3 and den 4 which belong to the genus flavivirus family flaviviridae, dengue prevention and 35 years of vector control in singapore - barring eradication of the mosquito vector countries that control dengue transmission are doomed to failure if neighboring countries do nothing to prevent continued epidemic transmission thus the combination of decreasing herd immunity and increasing imported dengue infection make preventing dengue transmission difficult even with a aegypti indexes as low as 2 as exists in singapore, gbit vector dengue chikungunya and zika - vector dengue chikungunya and zika diseases caused by dengue chikungunya and zika viruses is mainly transmitted by two species of mosquitoes ae aegypti and ae albopictus former is a primary vector for transmitting dengue disease world wide while the later is a secondary vector, dengue prevention and 35 years of vector control in - vector control may have worsened the dengue situation in singapore because overt dengue attack rates in the 1990s and early 2000s were severalfold higher than those in the 1960s, symptoms of dengue images stock photos vectors - dengue fever infographics fun flat vector illustration in simple cartoon design with text mosquito sucking blood through human skin icon symptoms of dengue fever sika virus mosquito borne plague image for objects background brochures and copy space