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mormon sisters women in early utah claudia bushman - mormon sisters women in early utah claudia bushman on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in the last twenty years an increasing number of books on the history of utah and mormon women have appeared the book that led the way for these varied studies came to be when a group of boston area women, secret combinations evidence of early mormon - secret combinations evidence of early mormon counterfeiting 1800 1847 2nd edition 2018 kathleen kimball melonakos on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this book chronicles the evidence that early mormon leaders starting with joseph smith sr dealt in counterfeit money beginning in vermont, uncle dale s old mormon articles early ohio 1850 59 - vol xx norwalk ohio tues jan 1 1850 no 51 mormon state william smith brother to the founder and prophet now the self styled head of the church of latter day saints asserts in a communication to the cincinnati commercial that the salt lake mormons will not be content with anything less than a free and independent government, uncle dale s old mormon articles early ohio 1860 79 - when the mormon church left kirtland in lake county for nauvoo iliinois there were some members who refused to follow they repudiated the double wife doctrine and said they would stay in kirtland faithful mormons in all other respects, browse the papers josephsmithpapers org - documents 2931 letters revelations reports of discourses minutes etc journals 32 journals and diaries administrative records 391 minutes and other official records, videos the joseph smith papers - first vision accounts joseph smith church history 1 march 1842 wentworth letter, mormonthink examining mormon history and doctrine - mormonthink is concerned with truth it is neither an anti mormon website nor an lds apologist website instead for each topic we present the strongest and most compelling arguments and explanations from both the critics and the defenders of the church, joseph smith s first vision mormonthink - joseph smith offered several different accounts of his first vision one in which it was an angel who communicated with joseph another in which it was christ alone and the official canonized version which included both the father and the son, the mormon cult exposed proof of cult status from an - the mormon cult ultimate proof that mormons are a cult just like early christianity was a cult, is the book of mormon a pseudo archaic text interpreter - abstract in recent years the book of mormon has been compared to pseudo biblical texts like gilbert j hunt s the late war 1816 some have found strong linguistic correspondence and declared that there is an authorial relationship however comparative linguistic studies performed to date have, smith history vault 1886 wyl book excerpts oliver cowdery - moved from p 319 table of contents 05 testimonials 10 letter to the public 16 the prophet s parents 19 views of joseph smith 20 joseph smith and his plates 21 joseph likes his glass 23 joseph the wrestler 24 joseph as a student 25 joseph s habits etc 26 joseph as a preacher 27 joseph as a general 29 joseph as a presidential candidate, paul the apostle apollos philo bible alexandria egypt - early church history 101 paul the apostle apollos egypian christianity philo alexandria egypt the letter to the hebrews hellenized jews first corinthians milk meat analogy melchizedek, robert patterson jr s 1882 excerpt from history of - page numbers printed in dark red in the history of washington county excerpt provided below indicate the pagination for patterson s 16 page reprint booklet the two texts contain the same material, finding parallels some cautions and criticisms part one - rick grunder has authored two works by the same name mormon parallels to distinguish between the two i will be providing the date of publication the earlier work is mormon parallels and is subtitled a preliminary bibliography of material offered for sale 1981 1987 ithaca ny rick grunder books 1987 it documents 238 sources compared to 500 in the later edition