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topical collection g protein coupled receptor signaling - g protein coupled receptors gpcrs have been implicated in transmitting signals across the extra and intra cellular compartments thus allowing environmental stimuli to elicit critical biological responses, structure function of the glucagon receptor family of g - structure function of g protein coupled receptors 181 glp 1 glp 1r have demonstrated that loss of gip or glp 1 action results in an impaired insulin response to oral glucose, orexins and orexin receptors a family of hypothalamic - introduction members of the family of seven transmembrane g protein coupled cell surface receptors gpcrs respond to a wide variety of signals including photons amines lipids peptides and proteases, metabolism meets immunity the role of free fatty acid - there are significant numbers of nutrient sensing g protein coupled receptors gpcrs that can be found in cells of the immune system and in tissues that are involved in metabolic function such as the pancreas or the intestinal epithelium, acetylcholine receptors muscarinic g protein coupled - acetylcholine receptors muscarinic in the iuphar bps guide to pharmacology, structure function and regulation of g protein coupled - javitch jonathan m d ph d professor of physiology cellular biophysics and psychiatry and pharmacology structure function and regulation of g protein coupled receptors and neurotransmitter transporters