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japan during world war i wikipedia - japan participated in world war i from 1914 to 1918 in an alliance with entente powers and played an important role in securing the sea lanes in the west pacific and indian oceans against the imperial german navy as the member of the allies politically the japanese empire seized the opportunity to expand its sphere of influence in china and to gain recognition as a great power in postwar, united states declaration of war on japan wikipedia - background the attack on pearl harbor took place before a declaration of war by japan had been delivered to the united states it was originally stipulated that the attack should not commence until thirty minutes after japan had informed the us that it was withdrawing from further peace negotiations but the attack began before the notice could be delivered, japan s quest for power and world war ii in asia asia - the world at war 1931 1945 economic background while the united states was still struggling to emerge from the great depression at the end of the 1930s and would do so partly because of the war japan had emerged from its own period of depression which had begun in 1926 by the mid 1930s, japan at war an oral history haruko taya cook theodore - japan at war an oral history haruko taya cook theodore f cook on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers following the release of clint eastwood s epic film letters from iwo jima which was nominated for the oscar for best picture, embracing defeat japan in the wake of world war ii first - winner of the pulitzer prize the 1999 national book award for nonfiction finalist for the lionel gelber prize and the kiriyama pacific rim book prize embracing defeat is john w dower s brilliant examination of japan in the immediate shattering aftermath of world war ii drawing on a vast range of japanese sources and illustrated with dozens of astonishing documentary photographs, australia declares war on japan december 1941 - one hour after japanese bombers struck at hawaii on the morning of december 7 1941 prime minister john curtin of australia declared that from one hour ago australia has been at war with the japanese empire, five ways japan could have won world war ii the national - japan could never have crushed u s maritime forces in the pacific and imposed terms on washington that doesn t mean it couldn t have won world war ii let s face it imperial japan stood next