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risk analysis in engineering and economics second edition - risk analysis in engineering and economics is required reading for decision making under conditions of uncertainty the author describes the fundamental concepts techniques and applications of the subject in a style tailored to meet the needs of students and practitioners of engineering science, energy finance and economics analysis and valuation risk - the robert w kolb series in finance is an unparalleled sourceof information dedicated to the most important issues in modernfinance each book focuses on a specific topic in the field offinance and contains contributed chapters from both respectedacademics and experienced financial professionals, risk and decision analysis petrowiki - language of risk analysis and decision making any description of monte carlo simulation and decision trees must devote some time to the underpinnings of statistics and probability, browse titles in journals and book content beginning with a - browse through 15 877 204 journal and book articles on sciencedirect com, jstor viewing subject economics - jstor is a digital library of academic journals books and primary sources, peh petroleum economics petrowiki - economics drives the entire oil gas producing industry almost every decision is made on the basis of an economic evaluation economic evaluations are also performed to determine reserves and the standardized measure of value for reporting purposes for publicly held companies, master reading list for quants mfe financial engineering - for those beginners who are interested in structured finance the securitization markets handbook by charles stone and anne zissu is the one to start with, sage reference the sage encyclopedia of cancer and society - the first edition of the encyclopedia of cancer and society was published in 2007 and received a 2008 editors choice award from booklist it served as