Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests -

tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests wikipedia - the tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forest biome also known as tropical dry forest monsoon forest vine thicket vine scrub and dry rainforest is located at tropical and subtropical latitudes though these forests occur in climates that are warm year round and may receive several hundred centimeters of rain per year they have long dry seasons which last several months and vary with, ceiba foundation for tropical conservation - bridging community development and biodiversity conservation in ecuador s threatened dry tropical forest montane cloud forest and coastal ecosystems, savanna ecological region britannica com - savanna savanna vegetation type that grows under hot seasonally dry climatic conditions and is characterized by an open tree canopy i e scattered trees above a continuous tall grass understory the vegetation layer between the forest canopy and the ground the largest areas of savanna are found in, tropical rainforest climate animals facts - tropical rainforests provide a dense covering of all windward slopes in southern mexico and central america the forests consist of such tall broad leaved evergreen trees as mahogany ironwood and palm which form a spreading canopy over a lower tier of tree ferns grape, tropical rain forest marietta college - as you can see from the map to the right the tropical rainforests are indeed located in the tropics a band around the equator from 23 5 n the tropic of cancer to 23 5 s the tropic of capricorn red lines on map right because the earth tilts 23 5 degrees on its axis as it travels around the sun at some point in the year the solstices june 22nd in the north december 22nd in, belize audubon society cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary - getting there cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary is located off the southern highway approximately 20 miles south of dangriga entrance fees can be paid at the maya center women s group gift shop or at the cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary office located 6 miles from maya center village, fact sheet acacia nilotica tropical forages - click on images to enlarge flowers and foliage flowers and thorns pods and seeds immature pods often used as dry season protein source mature pods often used as dry season protein source nbsp, invasive rats on tropical islands their population - the three most invasive rat species black or ship rat rattus rattus brown or norway rats r norvegicus and pacific rat r exulans have been incrementally introduced to islands as humans have explored the world s oceans they have caused serious deleterious effects through predation and competition and extinction of many species on tropical islands many of which are biodiversity hotspots, vine ecology how lianas affect trees arboreal animals - vine ecology francis e putz department of botany university of florida gainesville florida usa note this online review is updated and revised continuously as soon as results of new scientific research become available, reversing tropical deforestation agroforestry and - an ecotipping point is a lever that turns environmental decline around to restoration and sustainability it is eco technology in the very broadest sense of the word combined with the social organization to put it into practice