The Orphan Tsunami Of 1700 Japanese Clues To A Parent Earthquake In North America -

the orphan tsunami of 1700 japanese clues to a parent - the outside world scarcely knew of northwestern north america in the year 1700 the pacific coast from southcentral alaska to oregon s cape blanco was uncharted until the spanish and english explorations of the 1770s, cascadia subduction zone wikipedia - the cascadia subduction zone csz is a 1 000 km 620 mi long dipping fault that stretches from northern vancouver island to cape mendocino in northern california it separates the juan de fuca and north america plates new juan de fuca plate is created offshore along the juan de fuca ridge the juan de fuca plate moves toward and eventually is shoved beneath the continent north american, the earthquake that will devastate the pacific northwest - when the 2011 earthquake and tsunami struck tohoku japan chris goldfinger was two hundred miles away in the city of kashiwa at an international meeting on seismology as the shaking started, tsunami new world encyclopedia - a tsunami ipa t s n mi is a series of waves created when a body of water such as an ocean is rapidly displaced earthquakes mass movements above or below water volcanic eruptions and other underwater explosions landslides large meteorite impacts and nuclear weapons testing at sea all have the potential to generate a tsunami a tsunami can have a range of effects from, list of historical tsunamis wikipedia - date location main article primary cause description 1700 pacific northwest u s and canada 1700 cascadia earthquake earthquake on 26 january 1700 the cascadia earthquake estimated m w 9 ruptured the cascadia subduction zone c sz from offshore vancouver island to northern california and caused a massive tsunami recorded in japan and by the oral traditions of the indigenous peoples, lista di terremoti wikipedia - terremoti pi forti della storia per magnitudo di seguito sono elencati tutti i terremoti noti con una magnitudo registrata o stimata uguale o superiore 8 5 della scala richter la lista pu essere sbilanciata verso l ultimo secolo a causa dello sviluppo e della diffusione dei sismografi generalmente non disponibili prima del 1900 dei terremoti precedenti a quella data sono presenti, northwest national climate assessment - introduction with craggy shorelines volcanic mountains and high sage deserts the northwest s complex and varied topography contributes to the region s rich climatic geographic social and ecologic diversity